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Quick start.


Getting your Z-Weather up and running is as simple as installing it and linking it to your Z-Wave network. The following instructions tell you how to add your Z-Weather to your Z-Wave network using an existing gateway. 

Charge and installation of Z-Weather:
  1. Fully charge your Z-Weather by placing this unit in direct sunlight (best to point the Solar Panel towards the sun if possible).
  2. Wait 4-6 hours to fully charge Z-Weather. (This process can take up to 12 hours maximum).
  3. Tap the Z-Wave Button and see if the LED blinks, this is to check if Z-Weather is sufficiently charged and operational

Pair Z-Weather using an existing gateway:

  1. Set your Z-Wave gateway into pair/include mode. (Please refer to your Z-Wave gateway instruction manual).
  2. Tap the Z-Wave Button on Z-Weather 3x times in 1 second.

Placement of Z-Weather:

Z-Weather is best placed in an area that is shadowed to keep direct sunlight from heating up the sensors providing inaccurate readings. Although this device is solar-powered, placing this device in indirect sunlight will produce enough power even if it is in the shadows for a full day.