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Connections and functional description

Compatible load types:

SymbolTypMaximale LastAnmerkungen
LED lamps200W @ 220V

Due to the variety of

LED lamp designs, the

maximum number of LED lamps is futher dependent on power factor result when connected to switch.

LED Driver200W @ 220V

The maximum permissible number of drivers is 200 W divided by driver nameplate power rating.

Incandescent lamps, HV halogen lamps400W @ 220V

Low voltage

Halogen lighting with



200W @ 220V

Safety warning for mains operated devices

CAUTION: Only authorized qualified personnel may carry out work with mains voltage, taking into account the country-specific installation guidelines/standards. Before mounting the product, the voltage mains must be switched off and secured against being switched on again.

Connection examples:

  • Wire the switch as described in the wiring diagram.

Connection of pushbutton or switch

Connection of several pushbuttons

Join to network

  1. Remove the device from the previous ZigBee network if it has already been added, otherwise pairing will fail. Please read the part "Reset to factory settings".
  2. From your ZigBee controller or hub gateway, select a lighting device you want to add and enter pairing mode as instructed by the controller.
  3. Power on the device again to put it into network pairing mode (connected light blinks twice slowly), 15 seconds timeout, repeat the process.
  4. Connected light flashes 5 times and then stays on permanently, then the device appears in the menu of your gateway and can be controlled via the gateway.

Removing from a network

  • From your ZigBee controller or hub gateway, select whether you want to clear or reset the lighting fixture as instructed. The connected lighting fixture will flash 3 times to indicate a successful reset

Reset to factory setting


  • If the device is already in the factory setting, there is no display when the device is reset to the factory setting again
  • All configuration parameters are reset after the device is reset or removed from the network.
  1. Press the "Reset" key 5 times briefly or switch the device on again 5 times if the "Reset" key is not accessible.


Input voltage: 100-240 V AC

Total output current maximum: 1,8 A

Maximum power: 400 Watt Halogen / 200 Watt LED

Operating temperature: -20°C to 60°C

Protection class: IP20

Connection: 2-pole

Power consumption: 0.00 Watt

Technologie: Zigbee 3.0


  • Wide: 45 mm
  • Length: 45,5 mm
  • Height: 20,3 mm


  • LEDZ9127 for pushbutton
  • LEDZ9127S for switch