This manual explains how to update the Smart Outdoor Plug to the latest firmware version.


- Windows PC

- PC Controller 5 

- Z-Wave USB Dongle

- Smart Outdoor Plug POPE700397

This update does not work with the POPP IP44 Plug POPE009105 

Following the update below, make sure that you have your Smart Outdoor Plug at most 10ft from your Z-Wave USB Adapter during the update to avoid any failures.

  1. Follow the steps outlined here to get access to Simplicity Studio and PC Controller 5: 
  2. Download the firmware update for your Smart Outdoor Plug
  3. Open up Z-Wave PC Controller software through Simplicity Studio
  4. Plugin your Z-Wave USB Adapter
  5. Click on the "Gear" icon and select the COM port your Z-Wave USB Adapter is connected to.
  6. Click on "Network Management"
  7. Click on "Remove", then tap the button 3 times on Smart Outdoor Plug.
  8. Click on "Add",  then tap the button 3 times on Smart Outdoor Plug.
  9. Select all security options, then press OK.
  10. Click and highlight your new Smart Outdoor Plug  Node.
  11. Click on the Home icon button in the top left corner.
  12. Click on OTA Firmware Update.
  13. Ensure your Smart Outdoor Plug  node is highlighted, then press Get.
  14. Under Firmware Update, click on the folder icon.
  15. Then select the firmware update file you downloaded in step 2 of these instructions, then click Open.
  16. Highlight Target 0 (under Firmware Targets:).
  17. Then click on Update
  18. tap the button 2 times on Smart Outdoor Plug.
  19. Wait a few minutes while you wait for the firmware update to finish.