Heating control

Control of the set temperature and display of the current room temperature (internal sensor of the thermostat). The measuring point is located 20 cm next to the thermostat.
Valve Control

Disable: Control via the set temperature is active. The thermostat regulates automatically.

Enable: The valve is permanently closed. Heating is no longer possible.
Heating Mode

Eco Mode

The valve is slowly opened step by step until the target temperature is reached. This takes longer than rapid heating and thus saves energy. (Works only via gateway, manual control automatically uses comfort mode).

Fast Mode: The valve opens very quickly after setting the temperature to reach the desired temperature.

Mounting Mode: Indicates whether the assembly mode is active.

Valve control deactivated: Valve status. If this value is set to Yes, heating is no longer performed.


Lock Controls: Enables/disables manual control of the thermostat

Display orientation: Determines the direction from which the display can be read.

Device orientation: Determine how your thermostat is installed for better temperature measurement.

Valve control: Enables/disables the possibility to control the device via external window sensor.

Mounting mode: Activates / deactivates the assembly mode

Regulation set point offset: Allows an offset of the set point to compensate for deviating conditions, such as installed radiators or thermostat near the floor.
Trigger Flows (WHEN)

The target temperature has changed

Temperature becomes more than XX°C

Temperature becomes less than XX°C

Temperature has changed

Valve was closed

Valve was opened

Mounting mode was deactivated

Mounting mode was activated

Battery will be more than XX%

Battery becomes less than XX%.

The battery level has changed

Condition Flows (AND/OR)

Valve control is enabled/disabled

Mounting mode is active/inactive

Thermostat mode is Eco mode/Fast mode

Action Flows (THEN)Set the temperature to XX°C

Disable valve

Activate valve

Set thermostat mode to operating mode