Which adapter should I use on my radiator? 

The POPP Zigbee thermostat brings adapters for various valves adapters. This covers 90% of the market.

The following adapters are included in the package:

  • Danfoss RA
  • Danfoss RAV
  • Danfoss RAVL
  • M30 (Typical for Heimeier)

In addition, the adapters are available for the following valves.


If there is no suitable adapter, the overview of building services may help you to find a suitable adapter.

If you are unsure whether the right adapter is included, you are welcome to contact POPP Support. Send a picture of the old thermostat and valve to support@popp.eu.

My radiator does not get cold even though the set temperature is very low.

In this case, 99% of the time an incorrect adapter is installed. Please check if the adapter used is correct.

I can't get the adapter to disassemble again. 

If you have accidentally installed the wrong adapter and need to disassemble it, please proceed as described in the following linked instructions.

Remove the adapter from the thermostat.

In which hub/gateway does the Zigbee thermostat work?

Zigbee 3.0 is a common radio standard, with which all Zigbee 3.0 devices communicate with each other. However, this does not mean that every Zigbee device will work in every Zigbee gateway without integration.

Fully integrated:

    - Aeotec Smart Home Hub (SmartThings)

    - Homey Pro 

    - Homey Bridge

    - SmartHome by Hornabch

Partially integrated, but functional

    - Home Assistant

    - Homee

    - Amazon Echo mit Zigbee

    - Zigbee2MQTT

No compatibility

    - Tuya / Smartlife

    - Danfoss Ally

    - Vera 

    - Ikea

    - Philips Hue

If you have a gateway that is not listed here, check with the gateway manufacturer to see if there is compatibility.

Why doesn't the radiator get warm when I set the temperature?

This is primarily dependent on the current room temperature. This is determined 20 cm in front of the thermostat. If the difference is equal to or less than 1 °C, the heating requirement is not yet detected. Only when there is a larger difference does the valve slowly open and begin to heat up.

Why does the valve not close when the target temperature is reached?

To heat the room evenly, the thermostat heats beyond the target temperature. This ensures that the set temperature is reached even in the farthest corner of the room.

I use the thermostat with Homey Pro/Bridge, what do the settings mean?

You can find a description of the app here:  POPP Smart Thermostat in Homey

I use the thermostat with Aeotec Smart Home Hub - SmartThings

You can find instructions on how to get started with SmartThings here:  Smart Thermostat in SmartThings