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Quick start.


Getting your 10 Year Smoke Detector up and running is as simple as installing it and linking it to your Z-Wave network. The following instructions tell you how to add your 10 Year Smoke Detector to your Z-Wave network using an existing gateway. 

Installation and mounting of Siren:
  1. Mount the mounting base on the desired place using screws to secure it in position.
  2. Remove the battery insulation strip from the radio module and insert it into the detector. The yellow LED starts flashing to indicate that it is switched on and ready for pairing.


Using an existing gateway:

  1. Place your gateway or controller into Z-Wave pair or inclusion mode. (Please refer to your controller/gateway manual on how to do this)
  2.  Push the Z-Wave Button for 1 second on 10 Year Smoke Detector once. (Press and hold Z-Wave Button for 3 seconds then release to pair with secure key encryption).
  3. Your gateway should confirm if 10 Year Smoke Detector is successfully included into your network.
  4. Place the Smoke Detector on the mounting base and turn clockwise. Now the Smoke Detector is armed.