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Quick start.


Getting your Smoke detector with a controllable siren up and running is as simple as installing it and linking it to your Z-Wave network. The following instructions tell you how to add your Smoke detector with a controllable siren to your Z-Wave network using an existing gateway. 

  1. Remove the bracket from the detector main unit by rotating it counter-clockwise.
  2. Place the bracket where you are going to install the detector. In each of the keyhole slots, draw a mark to locate the plastic anchor and screw. Using a 5mm drill bit, drills two holes at the marks and insert a plastic anchor, and attached the bracket by using the screws.
  3. Open the battery compartment (1) to activate the battery, and then close the cover.
  4. The optional external power supply will connect to the connector (5). The internal battery must stay inside the detector even when the external power supply is connected.
  5. Mount smoke detector to the mounting ring. Make sure the hooks of the detector are placed between the hook and the twist stopper (2) of the mounting base (arrows in the image above). Then turn about 15 % clockwise. (Hint. If the detector hook is not placed right between the two mounting ring structures the detector can‘t be mounted to the ring).

Please follow the recommendations about the amount as position of the sensor in your home as given above. Avoid to place the sensor into the angle of walls, prefer positions in the middle of the room.

Using an existing gateway:

  1. Place your gateway or controller into Z-Wave pair or inclusion mode. (Please refer to your controller/gateway manual on how to do this)
  2. Tap the internal button on Smoke detector with controllable siren once. (Press and hold for 2 seconds, then release to pair with secure).
  3. Your gateway should confirm if Smoke detector with controllable siren  is successfully included into your network.