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Quick start.


Keypad can be used as a primary or secondary controller. This device plenty of complex use cases while this section will explain how Keypad can be used as both a stand-alone Z-Wave Network or as a Secondary controller to another Z-Wave network.

Product Usage.

Keypad can operate in two different modes. The mode is chosen the way the device is included in a Z-Wave network:

  1. Stand Alone Mode. In this case, Keypad acts as the primary network controller and will include other devices such as e.g. a strike lock control or a doorbell. No other central controller is needed. The management of user codes is done using Keypad itself.
  2. Network Mode. Keypad is included as an additional device into an existing network. In Z-Wave terms, it will then act as inclusion (secondary) controller. It will send commands to a central controller and is managed by this controller. In this mode the device can still directly control door locks but it can also be used to trigger scenes in a central controller.