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The Smart Combustible Gas Sensor is not correctly displayed as a sensor after the device has been taught. This solution shows you a way to use this device.

  1. Add the device as a Generic Z-Wave Device
  2. Press the arrow on the right side
  3. In the device settings press Advanced
  4. Select the "Params" tab
  5. Now change the device template
    1. In the line device_type, enter the following:
    2. In the line device_json, enter the following
    3. Change the category_num to 4
    4. Change the subcategory_num to 4
    5. In the line device_file, enter the following
  6. Now restart the engine
    1. In the menu on the left side choose Settings
    2. Select Z-Wave Settings
    3. Press Reload Engine
  7. In the left menu, switch to Devices
  8. After a short while, the device is now displayed as a sensor and the status of the sensor is reported.