This article describes how to update a Z-Wave device.

Required accessories:

  • USB Z-Wave Controller (Z-Stick Gen5, Z-Stick 7 oder UZB Stick)
  • Windows PC with PC Controller 5 Software.

To install the PC Controller 5 software, please follow the linked instructions.

PC Controller 5 Installation

Please note that a firmware update always carries a certain risk of damaging the device.

  • AMake sure you have the correct firmware for the device.
  • Never disconnect the battery and the mains connection during the update

All firmware files provided by us can be found here: OTA Updates

Update of the device:

  1. Connect your Z-Wave controller to the PC.
  2. Open the PC controller 5.
  3. Press the gearwheel in the upper right corner to select the controller.
  4. Select your controller and confirm with OK.
  5. Open "Network Management".
  6. Press "Add" and learn your device to the controller. -> To do this, follow the instructions of the device
    Note: If the device cannot be taught in, it is probably still connected to another controller and must first be removed. -> Follow the instructions for the device.
  7. Now switch to "OTA Firmware Update" area 
  8. Select your device that you want to update and press "GET"
    Note: For battery-powered devices, check the Listening Node box and wake up the device.
  9. Select your firmware, which you have downloaded.
  10. Now press "Target 0" and then "Update".
  11. After successful update "Status successful=0xFF", press "GET" again to check if the update was done.
  12. Switch back to the "Network Manager" and remove your device from the controller by pressing "Remove" and following the procedure of your device for an exclusion.