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Functional description



Minus press onceReduce the target temperature by 0.5°
Minuspress and keep pressed inImmediately reduce the target temperature by 0.5°C, then reduce it by 0.5°C every 0.5 seconds as long as the button remains pressed in or the end value is reached.
Pluspress onceIncrease the target temperature by 0.5°.
Pluspress and keep pressed inImmediately increase the target temperature by 0.5°C, then increase it by 0.5°C every 0.5 seconds as long as the button remains pressed in or the end value is reached.
Boostpress once• Execute the displayed function
• Switch to boost mode.
• Terminate boost mode if in boost mode
Boost + Plus + Minuskeep pressed for 10 secondsThe duration during which the buttons are pressed is displayed. Release after 10 seconds; the device enables a works reset to be carried out
Plus + Minuskeep pressed together for 3 secondsActivate or deactivate the child safety lock.

LED indicator

LED color/stateMeaning
Red flashing

Over the Air update of the controller software is being carried out. A controlling of the temperature is not possible 

Red permanentlyError when taking into operation.
Green flashing

The user is to provide confirmation. Is used in order to start processes. 

Green permanentlyA process has been successfully completed.


  • Spanner: Provides information on mechanical processes. 
  • Radio antenna: Provides information on the radio connection and add-in procedures. Is activated if there is a radio connection. Deletes if there is no longer a radio connection. 
  • Battery: illuminated if the battery power is below 15%.
  • Padlock: illuminated if the child safety lock has been activated. 
  • Degrees Celsius: illuminated permanently in combination with the target temperatures. 
  • Percent symbol: illuminated permanently in combination with setpoints. 


Insert/remove batteries

  • Remove the battery cover by pushing it upwards at the marked point and unhooking it.
  • Now insert the batteries. Pay attention to the correct polarity! If you change the batteries later, the configuration of your Spirit ZigBee will be retained.

Join to Network

  1. Put your controller into connection mode.
  2. Press the Boost button while "Jin" is in the display.
  3. If the add was successful, the radio symbol remains stable in the display and the LED flashes green.

Mounting on the radiator

  1. Dismantle the old thermostat
  2. Check if the screw connection fits your valve or if you need an adapter.
  3. Install the appropriate adapter if it is needed.
  4. Install the Spirit Zigbee
  5. Press the Boost button and "Ins" appears in the display.
  6. Press the Boost button again and "Ada" appears in the display.
  7. If the calibration is successful, the temperature appears in the display.

without an adapter

with an adapter


No adapter is required for the following valves:

  • Heimeier
  • Junkers Landys+Gyr
  • MNG; Honeywell
  • Braukmann

 The following adapters are included:

  • Danfoss RAV
  • Danfoss RA 
  • Danfoss RAVL

You need an adapter for the following valves:

  • Herz M28 x 1,5 mm
  • Comap M28 x 1,5 mm
  • Vaillant 30,5 mm
  • Oventrop M30 x 1,0 mm
  • Meges M38 x 1,5 mm
  • Ondal M38 x 1,5 mm
  • Giacomini 22,6 mm
  • Rossweiner M33 x 2,0 mm
  • Markaryd M28 x 1,0 mm
  • Ista M32 x 1,0 mm
  • Vama M28 x 1,0 mm
  • Pettinaroli M28 x 1,5 mm
  • T+A M28 x 1,5 mm
  • Gampper 1/2/6


Adjusting the set temperature

  • The setpoint temperature is changed via the plus and minus key.
  • The input on the unit changes the target temperature.
  • The target temperature of the setback and heating mode can only be set by radio.
  • The target temperature is applied 10 seconds after the last entry.
  • The input range of the target temperature is 5°-30°C.
  • If the temperature is increased beyond this, the Spirit ZigBee switches to boost mode.

Child protection: 

  • The child lock can be switched on and off by pressing the plus and minus buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.

    and also switched off again.

Operating mode:

  • Boost mode - Press the Boost button. Alternatively, you can press the Plus button until ON appears in the display.
  • Comfort mode - If the unit is not in comfort mode, you can switch to comfort mode by pressing the Plus or Minus key.

Window open detection

  • If the temperature drops abruptly, the window open mode is activated. The Spirit ZigBee switches to OFF mode for OFF mode for 15 minutes.
  • The window-open mode is automatically exited after 15 minutes and the previously active mode is restored.
  • The sensitivity of the window-open detection can be configured.
  • The window-open detection can be terminated by pressing a button. 
  • Window-open detection is not carried out in actuating value mode (Manufacturer-Specific-Mode). 
  • Window open detection can be activated/deactivated by an external window contact.

Dismantling and resetting

Remove the Spirit ZigBee from the network before disassembling the unit.

  1. Start the Leave Mode in your controller
  2. Spirit ZigBee should then display an "rES" on the LCD and the valve tappet will move to the mounting position.
  3. If removal by a ZigBee controller does not work, remove the unit manually from the ZigBee network.
  4. Now unscrew the union nut and remove Spirit ZigBee from the valve.

Factory reset

  1. Press the boost, minus and plus buttons until the counter in the display reaches 10.
  2. Release the buttons when the display shows "rES".


Battery icon
Batteries do not have enough power.
Replace the batteries
The radiator does not heat up.
Boiler water temperature O.K? Valve does not open, is it calcified after the summer/heating pause?
Adjust the temperature of the boiler water. Remove the Spirit ZigBee. Move the valve pin back and forth manually/using a tool.
The radiator does not cool down.
The valve does not close completely. It may be that the closing point of your valve seal has shifted.
Remove the Spirit ZigBee. Move the valve pin back and forth manually – perhaps an adaption is not possible because you valve is possibly calcified or the seal no longer performs its function.
Pressure piece falls out.
Due to an endless thread, the pressure piece that is situated at the bottom can fall out if the device has not been mounted on the valve.
Remove the batteries from the device. Insert the pressure piece. Insert the batteries.

ERRJoining failed.
ZigBee controller not in join mode or out of range
E-1No valve detected
Correctly mount the device on the radiator. Use the correct adapter.
E-2Closing point not detected
Device correctly mounted on the radiator?
E-3Valve positioning not possible.
Valve pin freely moveable?

Technical data:

Battery type: 2 x 1,5V LR6/Mignon/AA

Radio frequency: 2,4 GHz

Radio protocol: Zigbee 1.2

Transmitting power: +8dBm

Mode of action: Type 1

Dimensions: (B x H x T): 56 x 68 x 89 mm

Weight: 176g (inkl. batteries)

Protection class: IP20

Pollution level: 2

Threaded connection: M30 x 1,5mm

Colour: white

Control range: 5°C to 30 °C

Response sensitivity: 0,1°C