Most Z-Wave devices have parameters for setting the device. However, in SmartThings often only the most important or no parameters are displayed. 

This guide shows you how to configure parameters using a special driver.

Note: This driver is provided by Mariano from the community. To support him click the link: Donut

Installation of the configuration driver.

  1. Login SmartThings Advanced Web App
  2. Open the following link:
  3. Choose your Hub and tap on Enroll
  4. Tap Available Drivers
  5. Choose Z-Wave Device Config Mc and tap Install

Changing a device driver

Note: Your installed device must already be using an Edge driver for the driver to be changed.

  1. Open SmartThings App
  2. Change to devices
  3. Select your device to be configured and open it by tapping on it
  4. Tap 3 points Menu
  5. Tap on drivers
  6. Make a note of the driver you are currently using.
  7. Tap Select other driver
  8. Choose Z-Wave Device Config Mc
  9. Tap Use this driver.
  10. Confirm with OK
  11. Exit the menu.
  12. Go back toDashboard
  13. Tap on your device again.
  14. You will now see the Device Info
  • After successfully setting the device, you must switch back to the previous driver to use the device as usual. To do this, perform these steps again up to point 7 and then select your device driver, which you have noted down.

Setting options:

  1. Open the 3 points menu (top right)
  2. Tap on Select Z-Wave Device Action 

  • Device Fingerprints Info... Shows you the ID and command classes of your device.
  • Device Parameter Scan... Queries the current parameters and its configuration.
  • Device Parameter Configure... Configure the parameters of the device
  • Device Association Group Scan... Queries the current association groups.
  • Device Association Group Conig... Configure the association groups.


Note: To configure devices, note that battery-powered devices must be woken up by a wake-up to apply the setting. 

Note: After each change you have to go back to the dashboard and call the device again.

  • Device Parameter Scan:
  1. Enter the range of the parameters you want to query in ParameterStart and ParameterEnd.
  2. Tap on actionButton2
  3. The parameters and settings are then displayed under Device Info.

  • Device Parameter Configure:
  1. Enter the parameter number to be configured.
  2. Enter the sizeof the parameter

    Tip: This can be queried under Command Config by Get.

  3. Enter the desired value.
  4. Under Command Config1, select Send.
  5. To send the setting, press the actionButton2.

  • Get... Fetches, the setting of the device.
  • Send...  Sends the setting to the device. 

  • Device Association Group Scan:
  1. Enter the GroupnumberStart and GroupNumberEnd.
  2. Select whether the device is a Single Channel Device or Multi Channel Device.
  3. Press actionButton2 to retrieve the information.
  4. The current settings are then displayed under Device Info.

  • Device Association Group Conig:
  1. Enter the number of the association group to be configured.
  2. Enter the node of the device to be configured into the selected association group.
  3. Select whether it is a single channel device or a multichannel device.
    Tip: By using Get under Group Command option, one can retrieve the current setting.
  4. Select Set under Group Command option and set the setting.
  5. Press actionButton2 to execute the action.

  • Set... Sets the set configuration
  • Get... Fetches the setting from the device
  • Remove All Nodes... Removes all set devices in the association groups.
  • Remove One Node... Removes the selected node from the association group.