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This manual is for the following products:

GLEZ9502 - GL-C-006P WWCW LED Controller PRO  

GLEZ9503 - GL-C-007P RGBW LED Controller PRO

GLEZ9131 - GL-C-008P RGB+CCT LED Controller PRO

GLEZ9501 - GL-C-009P Dimmer LED Controller PRO

Compatible LED strips:

GLEZ9502 - GL-C-006P WWCW LED Controller PRO 

GLEZ9131 - GL-C-008 RGB+CCT LED Controller PRO

GLEZ9501 - GL-C-009P Dimmer LED Controller PRO 

Compatible Power Supply:


  1. Strip the wires with a suitable tool approx. 9mm. (picture P1)  
    •    The terminals are suitable for a wire cross-section of 0.35 - 2mm².
  2. Use a narrow screwdriver to carefully press down the clamp and insert the wire into the side of the opening. (Fig. P2)
  3. Release the clamp again and the wire is fixed.

The different control units are shown in the figures (P3 - P7) as follows. 

  • P3 (GL-C-007P) for the use of RGBW or RGBWW products
  • P4 for the use of RGB products, for this the terminal W is simply left free
  • P5 (GL-C-009P) for the use of single color products, dimming only, for this purpose the terminals R, G and B are left free
  • P6 (GL-C-008P) for the use of RGB+CCT(warm white+cold white) products
  • P7 (GL-C-006P) for the use of CCT(warm white+cold white) 

Connect to an existing Zigbee network:

  1. Start the product search on the ZigBee gateway
    • This may take a moment. (if it is not found, disconnect the product from the power and reconnect it or perform a reset).
  2. Once the product has been found, you can now assign it to the desired zones/rooms/groups.

Resetting the controller

  1. Switch on the product.
  2. Turn it off and turn it on again within 2 seconds, repeat the whole process four times.
  3. After the fifth power-up, the product should now flash four times to let you know that the factory reset is complete.

Technical data:

Input voltage:

  • 12V - 54 V DC
  • Clamps or plugs
  • max. 270 W

Output voltage:

  • 12V - 54V DC
  • max 5A 

Operating temperature:

  • -20°C - +60°C

Protection class:

  • IP20


  • Breite:    48 mm
  • Länge:   89 mm
  • Höhe:    23,5 mm

Radio technology

  • Zigbee 3.0