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Important safety information

Please read this manual carefully. Failure to follow the recommendations in this manual may be dangerous or may violate the law. The manufacturer, importer, distributor and seller shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from failure to comply with the instructions in this manual or any other material. Use this equipment only for its intended purpose. Follow the disposal instructions. Do not dispose of electronic equipment or batteries in a fire or near open heat sources.


Flat ceiling mounting

  • The preferred location to install smoke sensor is in the centre of the ceiling, because smoke,  heat and combusible products rise to ceiling and will laterally spread. Keep at least 30 cm distance  from lights or decoration and at least 17cm away from walls and corners.
Sloping ceiling mounting
  • If ceiling is sloping, please install the smok sensor at horizontal distance 90 cm away from the ceiling top.

  • Anticlockwise rotation, the bracket out from the installation base. 

  • Fixed the bracket into the ceiling using screws.
  • Remove the double-sided adhesive and stick alarm into ceiling 

  • Remove the battery insulating strip to make detector on power and clockwise rotating alarm into bracket. 

Product usage

LED and Alarm

Device test:

  • To trigger a test alarm, press the test button for 3 seconds. The device will then start signaling once with the alarm sound.  
  • Perform the test 1x a month.


Connect to a gateway

  • Start the learning mode on your Zigbee gateway
  • Press the network button for 5 seconds -> the green LED flashes quickly

Reset device

  • Press the network button for 5 seconds -> the green LED flashes quickly

Technical data:

Working VoltageDC3V(CR17335/CR123A lithium battery)
Alarm indicationRed LED
Sound level≥85dB/3m
Networking wayZigbee Ad-Hoc networking
Distance of AD-HOC network≤70m(open area)
Working temperature-10°C ~ +50°C
Work humidity≤95%RH(no condensation)